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Transitional alto recorder TRANSITIONAL RECORDERS in two pieces with brass ferrule. These are perfect instruments for performers wishing to play music from the seventeenth century by composers such van Eyck, Castello, Frescobaldi, Bassano and Cima. Because of their powerful tone, they are especially well suited to solo playing or in consort with other transitional recorders or dominant instruments. They have modern fingering and the full baroque recorder range. The bottom notes are nearly as strong as those of renaissance instruments, yet the top register plays freely. The soprano is based upon an ivory original at a=460 by an anonymous maker from the mid-17th century. I generally make it with double holes because it is used for music from many periods and the exterior is more baroque in appearance. The van Eyck soprano is made in one piece with renaissance fingering, 1/4 comma meantone tuning and single holes in boxwood. This recorder is based on Bob Marvin's a=410 design and is more typical of instruments of the beginning of the early baroque period. This recorder has a fuller sound and more powerful bottom end than the transitional soprano but the highest notes are not as flexible. The other instruments are typically made with single holes and have bores characteristic of the early to mid-seventeenth century and refined renaissance exteriors with a tapered mouthpiece and rounded bell end. Transitional Soprano Recorder

van Eyck soprano in c" at a=440: $1,975

Soprano in c" at a=440 or a=415: $2,175
  Additional body at a=440 or a=415: $875

Alto in g' at a=466 or a=440: $2,475
  Additional body at a=466 or a=440: $950

Alto in g' at a=440 or a=415: $2,475
  Additional body at a=440 or a=415: $950

Alto in f' at a=440 or 415: $2,475
  Additional body at a=440 or a=415: $950

Tenor in c' at a=440 or a=415: $2,775
  Additional body at a=440 or a=415: $950
  Single brass key for bottom c (recommended, with the a=415 body): $925

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