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Renaissance Recorders

These modern pitch instruments are made of maple and designed to work beautifully as an ensemble. They are flawless in tone from bottom to top and are based on instruments in the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum. The bores have been adjusted to maintain complementary tone color from the great bass through the soprano. Powerful at the low end and responsive at the top, they incorporate the best qualities of renaissance originals. They blend best with the standard renaissance fingering (open g" on the alto) and 1/4 comma meantone tuning. The solo tenor has a narrower bore and is made of boxwood, giving it a brighter tone and quicker response. The f bassett is available with a direct blow cap, a bocal, or both at an additional cost. A bocal cap is also available for the g bassett but not usually needed due to the smaller size of the instrument.

Thomas Prescott with the new Great Bass in F

Soprano in c": $1,650
Alto in a': $1925
Alto in g': $1,925
Alto in f': $1,925
Tenor in d': $2,325
Tenor in c': $2,325
  with key & fontanelle: $3,300
Solo Tenor in boxwood: $2,425
Bassett in g: $4,600
Bassett in f: $4,600
Bass in c: $5,900
Great Bass in F: $9,175
SATB consort (keyless tenor): $9,450

Bocal cap in addition to direct blow: $575
Strut to support Bass or Great Bass:
  Short- two telescoping pieces: $125
  Long- three to four telescoping pieces: $150

A 10% discount is offered if you purchase a four instrument or larger renaissance consort. It is deducted at the time the fourth instrument is paid for. The discount continues to apply to any instruments added to the set.

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