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Prescott Alto


PRESCOTT alto at a=440 in f' (pictured on left). Since there are few good originals at modern pitch, the Prescott alto is an adaptation of the interior dimensions of Edgar Hunt's Bressan alto. The exterior is fashioned after a beautifully proportioned Rippert recorder. The result is a modern pitch instrument that looks and plays like the finest low pitch originals. While it is primarily meant to be used at a=440, it also plays very nicely at old pitch through use of an interchangeable centerpiece, making it an inexpensive choice for players needing an alto at both modern and low pitch.

In boxwood: $2,775.00
Corps de réchange at a=415: $800.00
In rosewood: $2,450.00
Corps de réchange at a=415: $675.00

Bressan AltoP. BRESSAN alto in f' at a=415 (pictured on right). It is no surprise that so many makers copy the superb instruments of P. Bressan. The original of this instrument, part of Edgar Hunt's private collection, is one of the finest examples of Bressan's work. Although the Hunt Bressan is pitched at a=407, it has been possible to pitch ours at a=415, 410 or 392 with minimal changes from the original design. The full, rich tone color and nearly perfect intonation make this a recorder that almost plays itself, freeing the player to concentrate on the music.

Instrument: $2,900.00
Corps de réchange for a=410, 407, or 392: $800.00

BRESSAN alto in g' at a=440 or 415. Scaled from our popular Bressan alto in f', this recorder plays equally well at a=440 or a=415 with superb tuning and response.

Instrument: $2,775.00
Corps de réchange: $800.00

Music particularly well suited to this instrument.

J.C. Denner AltoJ.C. Denner alto at a=415 in f'. Johann Christoph Denner was the leader of the German style, a gifted maker, whose designs were revolutionary for the late seventeenth century. Based upon an original instrument owned by Hans Ulrich Staeps, this instrument offers the reedy, bright tone color characteristic of a German recorder. It is a very different recorder from the Copenhagen Jacob Denner original which is copied by many makers.

Instrument: $2,900.00

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