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Steenbergen SopranoBAROQUE SOPRANO RECORDERS (in two pieces)
STEENBERGEN soprano at a=440 in c". After Frans Brüggen's superb a=410 original, this beautifully balanced modern pitch soprano has the warm tone needed for ensemble playing as well as enough power to be used with strings. It has the full, colorful tone characteristic of Steenbergen's recorders.

Instrument in boxwood or grenadilla: $1,800.00
In rosewood: $1,650.00
Corps de réchange at a=415: $750.00

Boekhout SopranoBOEKHOUT soprano at a=415, 410, or 407 in c". Based on an original in ebony with ivory fittings, pitched a=410, which is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. The powerful low register and responsive upper range make this instrument a favorite with demanding performers playing at old pitch.

Instrument: $1,800.00
Corps de réchange: $750.00

TRANSITIONAL soprano at a=415 or 440 in c" with brass ferrule. This is the perfect instrument for performers wishing to play music from the "Age of the Soprano Recorder", when composers such as van Eyck and Castello were creating works specifically for the soprano. It is based upon one of the two ivory originals at a=460 by an anonymous maker from the mid-17th century which are housed in the Munich Stadtmuseum. Because of its powerful tone, it is especially suited to solo playing or in consort with dominant instruments. It uses modern fingering and has the full range of a baroque soprano. The bottom notes are nearly as strong as those of renaissance instruments, yet the top register plays freely. It plays equally well at modern or old pitch.

Instrument: $1,875.00
Corps de réchange $750.00

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