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Instrument rolls by Dill Pickle Gear and Jean Cavallaro. The price of a baroque instrument includes a carrying bag or an A, B, C (sopranos or altos) or D (SAT) style instrument roll. These soft cases, that will hold two or more instruments, consist of a black, cotton canvas exterior and padded cotton lining. Larger rolls usually have a nylon cloth exterior. Instrument pieces slip into "pockets" in the bag, which then rolls into a compact and protective carrying case.

They come in several styles:

  • Style A: Seven wide spaces: $85.00
  • Style B: Nine fitted spaces (fits two altos and one baroque flute with two centers): $95.00
  • Style C: Fourteen fitted spaces (fits two altos, including one with two centers, one baroque flute with two centers and a soprano recorder): $120.00
  • Style D: Fits S. A. and T. recorders: $85.00
  • Style E: Fits s. S. A. T. B. recorders: $140.00
  • Style R: Fits S. S. A. A. T. T. B. renaissance recorders: $180.00
  • Style RB: Fits S. S. A. A. T. T. B. B. renaissance recorders: $200.00

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