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Specifications: Unless otherwise noted, baroque instruments are made of stained European boxwood and are normally supplied with modern fingering, double holes and equal tempered tuning. Renaissance instruments are made of maple and are normally in one piece and supplied with 1/4 comma meantone tuning, renaissance fingering and single holes. All instruments are made with linseed oiled exteriors and bores. Tenon joints are wrapped with waxed silk thread. The price of an instrument includes a canvas carrying bag with a padded lining.

We guarantee you'll like your instrument! An instrument may be returned for a full refund of its purchase price during the first sixty days from the date it is sent to you, provided it is in like-new condition. A new Prescott instrument is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date it is sent to you.

Options at no extra charge for baroque instruments include: single holes, original fingering, and meantone tuning (1/6 comma).

Other options:
Renaissance instruments in two pieces instead of one: $750.00
Thumbbushing: $125.00
Brass thumbrest, installed: $85
Brass thumbrest, prepared, not installed: $50
How To Install Your Thumbrest

Imitation Ivory Fittings:
Soprano: $800.00
Alto: $1,075.00

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