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Instruments Available for Immediate Purchase
Effective May 30, 2019

Sopranino & Sopranos
Bressan sopranino $1,975
Steenbergen soprano in rosewood $1,750
Steenbergen soprano in grenadilla $1,900
Transitional soprano in c a=440 and 415 renaissance profile $2,775
Transitional soprano in c a=440 and/or 415 baroque profile $1,975
Boekhout soprano in boxwood at a=415 $1,900

Alto recorders
Prescott alto $2,300
Bressan alto in f $2,375
J.C. Denner alto $2,375
Transitional alto in g or f $2,250

Tenor recorders
P. Bressan voice flute in d $2,725
J. Denner tenor in c $3,600
J.C. Denner tenor in d or c $2,725

Renaissance recorders
Tenor in d $2,375
Solo tenor in c $2,475

Shipping is not included in the listed prices

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